Running Florida Lotto Reports

for Kwik-Mart Stores

Here's how you close Lotto and run the Lotto and Instant (scratch-off) reports.

Online Functions


The first report to run is the Online Sales (01) report.  On the main (home) Lotto screen, press the Online Functions button, as shown.

Reports Button


On the next screen, press Reports, which will take you to the Online Reports.

On-line Sales


On the Online Reports menu, press the On-line Sales button.

(You may notice this is also where you find the Winning Numbers, Jackpot Report and other reports.)

"Today Screen"


You’ll see this screen again.  For future reference, let’s call it the “Today screen.”  Choose Today.

Online Sales Report

This brings up the On-line Sales report.  You’ll need two copies of every report, so press the Print button twice.


Next you have two Instant (Scratch-off) reports to run.  On the main screen, press the Scratch-off Games button.

Instant Reports


You’ll call up two different reports from this screen (sorry, you have to do them one at a time.) These are the Instant Sales and Inventory Summary reports.  First, press Instant Sales.

The “Today screen” will come up again, and you choose Today, again..

Instant Sales and Inventory Summary


After you press Today, the Instant Sales report will come up.  Print two copies of this report.

Next, from the main screen, go through the same process to print two Inventory Summary reports

(The “Today screen” won’t come up for the Inventory Summary report.)


Instant Sales Report

Clip or staple these three reports together as directed by your location manager, and put them in the end-of-day bag. You’re done with the Lotto reports!