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“Like” and "Share”
in Facebook

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to “like” a page, and how to “share” with our friends.  (I know, it sounds a little like kindergarten, but this is better.  We can have cookies whenever we want.)

How to "Like" a page

First, we’ll find a page to “like”.  We can do this by typing a name into the search bar at the top of our “news feed”...

Search bar

As you begin to type “Cemetery Ridge Associates” into the search bar, drop-down boxes will appear below it.  You can click the appropriate box (with the rooster!) and you’ll be taken to the page.

Link to a page

Another way to find a page to “like” is through a friend.  If one of your friends shares a status or a photo, the name of the page it came from will appear in blue, and will be clickable.  You can also go to your friend’s profile and find a page to like there.

Once you arrive at the page, just hit the “like” button.  Then you’ll get the posts made by that page in your news feed.

How to “Share” a post

The "Like, Comment & Share" Line

Once posts start to appear in your news feed they’ll look something like this, with a line beneath that reads, “Like · Comment · Share”.

Click the word “Share” and a box will come up that gives you the chance to add a note of your own as you share the post. 
 Type in anything you want to say about the share and click the big blue “Share” button.

The "Share Link" Box

The “Success Box” will come up to show that you successfully shared the post.


So, now that you’ve got the basics, you can go through your posts and find new pages to like, and posts to share.  If you find something a friend will like, try sharing it on their timeline.  Or, if you belong to a group, share it with your group.

As for me, I’m going to see if we get those cookies.